A short guide to valuing your medical centre or GP practice

At various points you will need to know the value of your GP surgery premises.

Generally, a valuation survey is needed if you are looking to buy or sell your premises, or if you need to update the value of the premises in your accounts for financial or partnership purposes (because a partner is retiring for example).

If you need to know how much your surgery is worth, you will need a valuation survey carried out by a RICS registered valuation surveyor.

Depending on your requirements, the surveyor will either tell you what the property is worth to you with continued use as a medical centre or what it is worth on the open market with change of use.

If you require a valuation due a change in your partnership structure, there are various factors you need to take into account. For a more in-depth view of the valuation process and other issues you must consider, have a look at our 'Planning Partnership Changes' guide.

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