The client is a large GP practice in suburban Northampton.

The client received a notification from the District Valuer setting out the proposed rent for its Tri Annual Review. Neil Mason Associates advised the client that there was scope to improve the figure through negotiation with the District Valuer. The report delivered to the client outlined a realistic level of rent bearing in mind current market conditions and suggested a figure to open the negotiations and a region in which to settle.

Neil Mason Associates undertook all negotiations with the District Valuer on behalf of the client, concentrating on two fronts:-

  1. the Current Market Rent (CMR) for the surgery property and
  2. the CMR for the car parking area at the front of the surgery.

Using in-depth knowledge of current market rent values in surgery premises, Neil Mason Associates’ negotiations with the District Valuer achieved an increase of 21% over the District Valuer's initial proposal.