Prospect House, Kettering, Northamptonshire

The clients, two existing GP practices in the centre of Kettering in Northamptonshire, combined to commission a new ‘one stop shop’ medical centre in the town centre serving over 26,000 patients.

Both practices were previously in older outdated premises offering little or no scope for expansion. The new building, Prospect House, would provide patients with modern up-to-date facilities and include a pharmacy, dental practice and the NeneDoc out of hours doctor service.

Philip Weston was appointed as the clients’ building surveyor after the developer had been selected and the initial plans drawn up, to ensure that the GPs’ requirements would be met during the long and complex design and construction process.

Philip provided the following services:

  • An initial design audit assessing whether the developer’s plans and vision would deliver exactly what the clients needed.
  • Review of the leases, reviewing the relevant liabilities and technical aspects of the legal agreement.
  • Review of the suitability of the site, including decontamination and removal of toxic vegetation.
  • Agreement of the developer’s final design drawings, room data sheets and specifications for internal fixtures and fittings.
  • Review of the contractor’s construction programme, identifying key dates when the occupiers’ input was required.
  • Attendance at site meetings to represent interests of the clients.
  • Liaison with the developer over client request for design changes and the associated implications on the contract completion date.
  • Liaison with the practice managers over issues such as PCT IT requirements and provision of communications networking within the building.
  • Assessment of contract defects on completion of contract and the completion of all defects within the defects liability period.
  • Advice on building management issues, including the provision of a building management system and the provision of a building maintenance plan.
  • Subsequent review of occupational matters including the building’s performance and occupational costs, including energy costs, with the Building Manager.

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