NMA uses drone and remote camera for thorough inspection of roof

Neil Mason Associates was asked to complete a building survey for a client, British Converting Solutions Ltd. The company was looking to purchase a 15,000 sq ft warehouse, Strongbox House, in Houghton Regis and needed an accurate picture of the state of the building to inform the negotiations.

The client wanted to identify defect maintenance issues and any other problems with the fabric of the building.

As time was of the essence, the team used a drone equipped with a remote camera to conduct a thorough inspection of the roof. There are considerable advantages to using a drone in such instances: it allows the surveyor to see hard to reach areas, such as behind chimney stacks, and can allow close-up photographs to be taken of particular issues. The duration of the survey was also much quicker - normally with a cherry picker, it must be moved several times during the survey to allow the surveyor to see the entire roof.

The survey also reviewed the interior of the building and identified internal items which would require future maintenance and repair. Compliance issues were also reviewed which highlighted that provisions in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 were not up to the standard required by current legislation and the client was advised accordingly.

The survey and report were turned round and back with the client within one week. The data in the report allowed the client to assess whether the building was suitable for their requirements and was then used as a negotiation tool with the vendor.